Here at Universal Sports Training LLC we provide a world class training experience like no other. BECAUSE  NO TWO  INDIVIDUALS ARE THE SAME, we will develop a comprehensive training program, that is uniquely tailored to each athlete/individuals strengths and weaknesses.

   You will be pushed to your limits, you will be pushed to your breaking point. Just remember HIGH EXPECTATIONS WILL PROVIDE MORE OPPORTUNITIES FOR GREATER RESULTS. Your goals will become our goals. 

   Whether you are a D1 athlete or a stay at home mother. Your journey begins when you make that conscious decision to be  HEALTHIER, to JUMP HIGHER , to be FASTER,  to be GREAT.

   Here at UST our number one goal is to equip you with the TOOLS, KNOWLEDGE and CONFIDENCE necessary for you to reach your full potential.

about me

   Universal Sports Training LLC was created to provide a voice for those who have no voice. The ones that have been overlooked, passed over and pushed to the side. I believe with the right coaching, dedication, encouragement, knowledge, then anything is possible. 

  Hello I’am Coach Manoah Wesson, I have always had a love for sports as long as I can remember. No matter what sport it was I would fall in love with it instantly.

     At a very young age I was taught the IMPORTANCE OF HARD WORK . I have always searched for the knowledge and reasoning  behind  every drill and every workout. As an athlete or someone on their health journey, I truly believe it is important that you understand why you are putting your body through the PAIN, JOY, HURT, EXHAUSTION . When we understand what makes us great then our journey becomes less INTIMIDATING.

      Over my 9 years of coaching football and Track & field at multiple high schools in Southern California. Also having the privilege of coaching college athletes and athletes at the highest level for their sport. Not to leave out my own personal sports career which has spanned over 25 years.  I have learned over these many years that to truly become GREAT, to finally CONQUER  your weight loss battle. IT TAKES A TEAM.

    For most of US  the journey begins when WE make that decision to do something that WE have never done before. For the rest of US it begins when WE  step out of  OUR  comfort  zone and STOP accepting  MEDIOCRE results. This is where our team approach shines. When you are at your lowest when you have done all you can do and you still have not reach your goals. UST is here to provide  that much needed KNOWLEDGE, ENCOURAGEMENT and GUIDANCE. I will do everything in my power to set you up for LONG TERM  SUCCESS.

Training Rates

What is included in the price?

sports sessions

Single Session $50

4 session packet $200

8 session packet $320

1 session 3-4 athletes


Single session 5-10

athletes $350  

1 hour session

weight loss sessions

Price per single session $20

4 session packet $ 80 

6 session packet $100

8 session packet $140



coaching/ career highlights

high school stand out (football/track)
nationally ranked youth 800m (track)
California community college 400m 4th place (2012 track)
2x CIF football champions

2008 CIF Division 1 CHAMPIONS

2x 400m champion @ Boise State University (indoor/outdoor)
2008 CIF division 1 champions (track)
CIF level 2 coach (football/track)
coached multiple athletes that went to college
weight lost coach

training gallery

My Clients

 “No matter what your goals might be, no matter how hard they might seem. If you can give me your all I will promise I will do everything in my power  for you  to reach your goals”


James K. (client)

     track and field

Ben B. (Client)

D1 college football player

katrina H. (coach up client)

track and field

jorge z. ( coach up client )

High school football player

Natalie F. (passed client)

Tennis player

What People Say About Me

” Coach Manoah session with my daughter was excellent. My daughter is fast but lacks proper mechanics. He worked with my daughter, but not only showing, but explaining the reason behind every drill. My daughter is shy but Coach Manoah has a very positive attitude, which made her very comfortable and more willing to work harder. We will be doing more sessions in the future.”

             Roger C. 

“Fantastic! fantastic! fantastic! Coach Manoah was everything I expected in a private coaching session. He was prepared, he was encouraging, patient and extremely knowledgeable on how to get my son where he needs to be to become a competitive athlete. he worked on drills, form, advice on muscle strength ect. I highly recommend Coach Manoah. He knows what he is doing and how to motivate and inspire confidence. 

       Shawn W.

If you have any questions please send me a message and I will contact you personally. 

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